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Gregory Bateson, 1975.
Photo: ©: Jeff Bloom
Gregory Bateson Photo:©Jeff Bloom

Bateson Centennial Timeline


  • May 2004
    Circolo Bateson Roma meets at University of Roma III for "Gregory Bateson: I Cent'anni di un Pensiero Vivente"

  • May 2004
    2nd Annual Gregory Bateson Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Tavistock Institute and the School of Cultural and Innovation Studies of the University of East London: "Learning in Layers: Pathology and Liberation" by Mary Catherine Bateson.

  • May 2004
    "How Can We Trust Each Other? Changing the Terms for Public Trust of People, Corporations and the State." Fifth International Workshop of Foundation 2020 held at Brioni Islands, Croatia, celebrating the Centennial of Gregory Bateson.
    PDF of the Program.

  • June 2004
    The Center for Dialogic Studies in Easthampton, MA hosts a Bateson Centennial Event with Mary Catherine Bateson and Marcelo Pakman discussing "Bateson and Logical Types."

  • July 2004
    Bateson-centered Biosemiotics Conference at the Department of Philosophy and History of Sciences at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • August 2004
    American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) 2004 Conference in Toronto includes a program on Bateson and "The Well-Being of Systems."

  • October 2004
    Associazione Episteme de Torino gathers at Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Turin, Italy where Mary Catherine Bateson speaks on "Patterns Which Connect: The Systemic Nature of Man."

  • November 2004
    The weeklong Festival de Scienza de Europa in Genoa, Italy includes a special event, "Gregory Bateson: A New Way of Thinking" with a public lecture by Mary Catherine Bateson.

  • November 2004
    "Impacte Bateson" lecture at Centro del Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB).

  • November 2004
    Mary Catherine Bateson presents a lecture and seminar on Gregory Bateson at the Centro Milanese De Terapia Della Famiglia in Milan, Italy.

  • November 2004
    A day-long program of presentations on Gregory Bateson's Ecology Of Mind held at the Center for the Humanities, University of California at Berkeley. Originally planned for the AAA meeting in San Francisco, which was postponed until mid-December and moved to Atlanta.
    Agenda (PDF).

  • November 2004
    A bi-coastal Bateson centennial celebration: Gateway Pacific Foundation presents "Bateson @ 100: Multiple Versions of the World at the University of California, Berkeley."
    Agenda| Summary Conference Report (PDF)

    On the same day, CUNY Graduate Center in New York City hosts "Art, Circuitry, and Ecology: Honoring Gregory Bateson," a conference to explore the interplay between Bateson's ideas about art and the emerging interest in "relational" and "ecological" aesthetics. Includes a live telecast from the Multiple Versions conference in California.

  • December 2004
    Special showing of Bateson's films from Bali and New Guinea in the 1930s at the Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest) in Bali, Indonesia.

  • December 2004
    Re-scheduled and relocated to Atlanta, the American Anthropological Association annual meeting includes a Gregory Bateson Presidential Session, with a receptioin hosted by the program committee.
    Session Abstracts (PDF)


  • February 2005
    Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) includes "The Gang of Four, or Bateson, Benedict, Fortune and Mead in Multiple Contexts" at their annual meeting in Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

  • August 2005
    A gathering of scholars at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark for "Bateson and the Epistemology of the Sacred: The Science-Religion Pattern," an international conference in association with the University of Copenhagen's Research Priority Area, Religion in the 21st Century.


  • July 2006
    International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) 50th annual meeting at Sonoma State University includes presentation, "The Bateson Forum" with Nora Bateson and Alfonso Montuori. Pre-conference workshop at Rata Ling Retreat Center on "Gregory Bateson and the Ecology of Experience".
    Summary report by Nora Bateson.

  • November 2006
    "Double Bind Conference: Fifty Years Later" convenes at the Sorbonne in Paris to discuss the current status of the concept of the "double bind," first put forward fifty years ago by Gregory Bateson and his colleagues who were studying the etiology of schizophrenia. Sponsored jointly by the Institut Gregory Bateson in Liege, Belgium, and the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto.
    Proceedings will eventually be published by édition Deboeck.
    Summary report on the session.

  • December 2006
    Archives on Systemic Psychotherapy, collectively known as the Don D. Jackson Archive, now available to researchers, including work from two of the most influential early research projects in the behavioral sciences: Gregory Bateson's Research Team and the early investigators at the Mental Research Institute (MRI) - the Palo Alto Group, and the work of the Brief Therapy Center. More info at
    Report on these archives by Wendel A. Ray.

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